The Alabama Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners is passionate about supporting and advocating for equitable access to high quality health care for all of Alabama's children by advancing legislative efforts that provide full practice authority for Alabama's Nurse Practitioners. 
Contacting Your Legislators
Contacting legislators (congressmen/women and resprestatives) directly is a great way to express your passion for pediatric health care and advocate for legislation. To locate your legislators click the link below
Ways to Contact Your Legislators
  • Send a handwritten postcard/letter
  • Email
  • Sign Petitions
  • Telephone Call
  • Visit the Capitol 
Tips for Letter Writing
  1. Be brief but informative
  2. State your reason for writing in the first paragraph
  3. Be specific and include key words/information
  4. Address only one topic or piece of legislation in your letter
  5. If possible, provide concrete examples
  6. If you are asking the legislator to co-sign, say so
  7. Include your credentials and area of expertise
  8. Do not threaten to note vote for/support the legislator if they disagree with you
  9. Always thank the legislator for their time
  10. Remeber the ultimate reason behind the legislation: to help provide high-quality, equitable health care for Alabama's children